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SCE Rate Reforms are advertised in your bills inserts shown below

SCE Rate Reform SDGE Rate Reform

How the Rate Lock Program helps

As we know the utility rates continue to increase each year. Our goal is to lock in your utility rates. For example some Edison customers with low usage are paying 16 cent per kWh (kWh = Killowatt Hour = measurement of energy) in Tier 1. Our goal is to lock you in at or below Tier 1 rates. This allows you to not only save money day one, but to increase your savings as utility rates continue to climb.

Who benefits from the rate lock program?

Most all customers can benefit from this program whether your bill is $60 a month or $600 a month. Our promise to you is that if we can not save you money day 1 then you will not qualify for the Rate Lock Program.

How will rate reform affect you?

By increasing the lowest tier cost, homeowners who are in the lower usage category will see their bills increase over the next few years. Homeowners with large families that are in the higher usage category may actually see a slight reduction in their overall bill initially. In other words if you are a customer who generally has a low bill with your utility now, you will be impacted greater than those customers who are consistently using large amounts of energy in the higher tiers. Another change that rate reform will bring over the next few years is something called time-of-use rates. With time-of-use rates you will be charged different amounts for your electricity depending on what time of day you use it. Generally the highest amounts charged will be in the mid-afternoon to early evening. This will have a higher impact on those who are home during the day, such as seniors and the unemployed.

Is there any way to avoid the rate reform?

Unfortunately, rate reform has already been approved by the California Public Utilities Commission. However, there is a limited time Rate Lock Program available to qualified homeowners, which gives you the opportunity to lock in your current Tier 1 rate for all of your power. By locking in your rate you will have a steady low cost payment for the next 20 years.

How do I participate in the Rate Lock Program?

If your home qualifies, you will be able to keep your rates the same for the next 20 years. The rate stays with your home, so if you move, the next homeowners will have the advantage of paying lower rates. The program uses clean energy from solar so you must have roof space that gets plenty of sun. There is no cost to you if you choose to participate in the program and it is open to all customers no matter what their utility bill amount may be. To keep your energy costs at current Tier 1 levels and participate in the program, call or complete the Contact Us Form.